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Transforming Hormone Health 

I'm Michelle, a Nutritional and Wellness Coach .

Empowering 40+ Business Women To Transform Their Hormone Health

Hello, beautiful warriors of change, I’m Michelle and welcome to my programme

Are you a professional feeling the weight of hormone health, impacting your emotions, relationships and lifestyle?  It's time to transform your journey, reclaim your energy, motivation and unlock your full potential.  I am here to guide you through your journey

I was hit by menopause very suddenly at the age of 45 and it stopped me in my tracks.  My lifestyle as a full-time working mum of two, training athlete and active community member, I quickly realised the importance of holistic healing and honouring my body at a mind, body and soul level.

With my qualifications in nutritional therapy, physiotherapy and coaching I developed a coaching programme designed to empower women to conquer their hormone health leading to emotional, relationship and lifestyle transformation.  My mission is to help as many women as possible, by giving them a toolset to make lifestyle changes that will empower them on their journey.

But why me?  I started a business from scratch based on a major dose of intuition and feedback that I had a greater purpose to serve others by guiding them to full health and wellbeing on what can be a daunting and deliberating journey.

I’ve studied and lived personal growth and transformational healing work.  I have taken this knowledge, my expertise and applied to my own menopause journey and with my clients where we have experienced many miracles.

Today as a nutritional and wellness coach, I have been blessed to guide individuals conquering their hormonal health overcoming obstacles to become confident and healthier individuals and empowering them to lead the life they want to lead.

We all have power to transform our hormone health and I’ll show you how.

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I asked Michelle for some guidance on my nutrition as I was training for a marathon and have a very full on teaching job so wanted to check that I was managing my energy levels to the best of my ability. Michelle’s knowledge is incredible and she has a real passion for nutrition. She was able to suggest changes to my nutrition that not only improved my energy levels for running but had me feeling better within myself during my daily routine. She was always on hand to help and was very careful to make tweaks that were manageable in my busy life as a working mum. I cannot recommend her enough.


Michelle has recently helped me to change my eating habits to better suit my age, health and lifestyle needs. It has made a huge difference to my energy levels and I can’t thank her enough!


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