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My Programme

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My 3-month transformation plan

Is designed to help you reset your body through small but easy nutrition changes, by helping you to find out a more balanced lifestyle, giving you all the tools and strategies, you need to become the healthiest version of you.

My programme links to my core pillars of nutrition, emotions, relationships, and lifestyle.  We will concentrate on developing and building sound nutritional habits, we will then focus on lifestyle habits, including movement, self- care and managing emotions and relationships.  All these habits are imperative in supporting you and your hormones. 

By the end of the programme:

You will know what food serves your body.

You will feel more energised and vibrant than ever before and have transformed your daily routines.

Achieve inner calmness you hadn’t know possible leading to better relationships with yourself and others!


This programme will leave you empowered and fully equipped to manage your hormones, symptoms, and challenges of life.

I like to keep things simple and we can discuss during our discovery call.

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